Reminder: CFP ‘Cosmopolitanism, Aestheticism, and Decadence 1860-1920’

This is a conference I wish I could afford to go to this year. Looks like a fantastic lineup. I am especially impressed with Dr. Stephano Evangelista’s book British Aestheticism and Ancient Greece (Palgrave Macmillan). This book is worth a read if you are at all interested in Aestheticism, Decadence, or discourses of same-sex desire in late-Victorian literature and culture.

The Victorianist: BAVS Postgraduates

Reminder: Call for Papers deadline 3 March 2014

Cosmopolitanism, Aestheticism, and Decadence 1860-1920
University of Oxford, 17-18 June 2014

Plenary Speakers:
Dr Stefano Evangelista (Trinity College, Oxford)
Professor Jonathan Freedman (University of Michigan)
Dr Michèle Mendelssohn (Mansfield College, Oxford)

This conference is supported by the Kent Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (KIASH) and the Faculty of English Language and Literature of the University of Oxford.

Over the past twenty years, the term “cosmopolitanism” has been the focus of intense critical reflection and debate across the humanities. For some, it represents a potential remedy for oppressive and antagonistic models of national identity and a means of addressing the ethical, economic, and political dilemmas produced by globalisation. Others consider it a peculiarly insidious form of imperialism, and argue that it advocates an untenable ideal of a privileged, rootless observer, detached from — and disposed to romanticise or commodify — very…

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