Women’s Suffrage and Emily Wilding Davison

Funeral for Emily Wilding Davison 8 June 1913

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the death of Emily Wilding Davison. Do you know who Emily Wilding Davison is? If not, check out this link to a great story on her life and the Women’s Suffrage Movement in Britain during the Edwardian age:

Emily Wilding Davison: Perpetuating the Memory by Elizabeth Crawford

This is a link to the British Library’s blog “Untold Lives” commemorating thee lives of important historical figures who do not necessarily garner the attention that they deserve.

Today is an important anniversary date. It is because of women like Wilding Davison that women have equal access to our democratic systems of voting and political action. If it were not for her sacrifice, and the sacrifices of others like her, society may look very different today. If you are grateful that we all have equal access to our political system, especially if you are British or an Anglophile – please check out this lovely blog post from Elizabeth Crawford.

Enjoy Edwardian lovers!


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