Trying to get published? Read this first!

University Affairs Article on Disreputable Publishers

Scholarly Open Access: A WordPress Site that you should bookmark!

I read this great article on University Affairs this morning and I think that every Academic who visits my site should read it. I have also provided a link to a website that the article mentions. Scholarly Open Access lists academic journals and publishers with reputations for scamming money out of its contributors. Be very cautious when trying to get published. Do not let yourself be fooled by easy acceptance of your work. It takes a long time and lots of edits to get into a good journal because those are the journals worth getting into.

Are you unsure about a journal you are considering? Are you being spammed by publishers seeking to publish old work? I’ve been emailed by a science journal wanting to publish my undergraduate thesis on the Yellow Book – clearly not a legitimate publisher. If so, you need to check out Scholarly Open Access. He lists thousands of journals that you should be careful with. Give the site a once over next time a journal contacts you. Make sure that the brand new journal you are considering submitting that article you’ve given your blood, sweat, and tears to is not on these lists.

Just a caution for my fellow Victorian and Edwardian Lovers.




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