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Women’s Suffrage and Emily Wilding Davison

Funeral for Emily Wilding Davison 8 June 1913

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the death of Emily Wilding Davison. Do you know who Emily Wilding Davison is? If not, check out this link to a great story on her life and the Women’s Suffrage Movement in Britain during the Edwardian age:

Emily Wilding Davison: Perpetuating the Memory by Elizabeth Crawford

This is a link to the British Library’s blog “Untold Lives” commemorating thee lives of important historical figures who do not necessarily garner the attention that they deserve.

Today is an important anniversary date. It is because of women like Wilding Davison that women have equal access to our democratic systems of voting and political action. If it were not for her sacrifice, and the sacrifices of others like her, society may look very different today. If you are grateful that we all have equal access to our political system, especially if you are British or an Anglophile – please check out this lovely blog post from Elizabeth Crawford.

Enjoy Edwardian lovers!

Edith Johnstone’s The Sunless Heart (1894)


Sunless Heart Image

Edith Johnstone’s The Sunless Heart (1894)

I am about halfway through this lovely little novel that I discovered while preparing a course. Johnstone’s novel deals with the idea of desire among women for other women. Not exactly a “lesbian” novel but certainly a novel exploring female-to-female desire in an interesting and innovative manner for 1894.

What interests me at the moment is how the novel so sharply changes at the beginning of Book II. Book I is from Gasparine O’Neill’s perspective and deals with the intense love she shares with her consumptive (i.e. dying) brother Gaspar. The second half sees an immediate turn to Lotus Grace, M.A., a teacher at a woman’s college in the small Scottish community that Gasparine moved to as a governess. The change, I think, speaks to Johnstone’s ability as a writer. At first it seems too sharp a turn, as if she wants to write another novel instead. However, as I read, I’m finding interesting things that Johnstone uses to connect Book II to Book I. Lotus is also a more educated and intelligent narrator than Gasparine. The result is that the novel becomes increasingly readable and the plot more complex.

A great read that I highly recommend. Again, I am recommending that people purchase the Broadview Literary Edition. I have supplied a link at the beginning of this post to the page on where you can purchase the novel. A rare find and a great window into the exploration of queer desire in the Victorian age.

Happy Reading!

Trying to get published? Read this first!

University Affairs Article on Disreputable Publishers

Scholarly Open Access: A WordPress Site that you should bookmark!

I read this great article on University Affairs this morning and I think that every Academic who visits my site should read it. I have also provided a link to a website that the article mentions. Scholarly Open Access lists academic journals and publishers with reputations for scamming money out of its contributors. Be very cautious when trying to get published. Do not let yourself be fooled by easy acceptance of your work. It takes a long time and lots of edits to get into a good journal because those are the journals worth getting into.

Are you unsure about a journal you are considering? Are you being spammed by publishers seeking to publish old work? I’ve been emailed by a science journal wanting to publish my undergraduate thesis on the Yellow Book – clearly not a legitimate publisher. If so, you need to check out Scholarly Open Access. He lists thousands of journals that you should be careful with. Give the site a once over next time a journal contacts you. Make sure that the brand new journal you are considering submitting that article you’ve given your blood, sweat, and tears to is not on these lists.

Just a caution for my fellow Victorian and Edwardian Lovers.