The Oscar Wilde Collection

The Oscar Wilde Collection

The above image is the logo for a wonderful website I found called The Oscar Wilde Collection. Perhaps I’m behind the times, but this seems like a new resource. The online edition (and the image I borrowed above) are the copyrighted property of a kindle publisher called Planet Monk.

First, the Wilde site. I’ve set up a permanent link to the right under Literature online. These are wonderful and beautiful online editions. Instead of the flip-book design, a strange reference to paper books that makes little sense in an online medium, these editions simply require you to scroll down as you read and click on the next chapter or section when you reach the bottom. Elaborate backgrounds that suggest the decadence of the 1890s, and decorative initials to give character to the presentation make for a legible and enjoyable textual experience. The fairy tales, the plays, Mr. W.H., Dorian Gray, and Lord Saville are all present here. The only works missing are his essays, reviews, and journalism work. I think this would be a great resource for the classroom. Why not assign a free edition? Why not read a free edition for pleasure?

Now, Planet Monk. If you click on that name at the bottom of the website it brings you to a list of all of their publications. One section takes you to their list of kindle editions that they have created and are selling for low prices. Varney the Vampire, for example is available on for $0.99. Pretty good deal.

I still prefer reading a paper book but the reality is that the next generation of Wilde fans will discover him in a digital reading environment. It’s nice to see that publishers like Planet Monk are bringing Wilde to the digital reader.

Check out the Oscar Wilde Collection and then go buy one of their kindle editions! And if anyone at Planet Monk would prefer that I not use their lovely caricature of Wilde in this post, please let me know and I can always remove the image. Otherwise, thank you for the Wilde Collection.


One thought on “The Oscar Wilde Collection

  1. Thank you for the lovely review of our site. We have recently done a complete rewrite of our main site, and wish to make you aware that “The Oscar Wilde Collection” can now be found here:

    “” will be retired soon.

    Regards, PlanetMonk

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