Queen Victoria’s Empire


Hello everyone. It is so nice to see the more people are coming to the page and using the links that I’ve posted. Thank you for your visits and I hope that what you found here was either useful (we all must be of use!) or at least interesting. I’ve been busy writing my dissertation and obsessing over the American presidential election but today I discovered something I thought I would share.

A documentary posted by I-don’t-know-who called Queen Victoria’s Empire: Engines of Change. The full documentary is in sixteen parts of 15 minutes per part. I’ve only watched the first three but the narrator sounds like Donald Sutherland (a fantastic actor – you must see him as a fascist in 1900) and it is very entertaining so far.

By the end of part three, Prince Albert is preparing for the Great Exhibition of 1851  – a very important moment in modernity. If you like your urban lifestyle and technological developments that have taken us out of the stagecoach and off of the farm, then you should know what that is.

The coverage of the Irish Famine  is particularly moving.

I really enjoy this and again, I do not own or claim to own or desire to profit from sharing this documentary. I just want others to enjoy the program.


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