Oscholars comes to WordPress!

Oscholars: The Companion to oscholars.com

The Oscholars is a wonderful online resources for scholarship on the Victorian fin de siècle. They host journals dedicated to Oscar Wilde, “Michael Field”, Vernon Lee, John Ruskin, and many others. They have also maintained a listserv for many years. Well, it seems that the list serve is coming to an end.

But fear not fellow lovers of decadent aesthetes and new women because they are replacing it with their own blog. Check out the link above as they begin to construct the site. Note the online edition of Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime while visiting. The purpose of the shift in media seems to be ease of access and speed for updates. I much prefer blogs to listserv systems so I’m quite happy with the change.

So, if you want to know more about the beautiful complexities of the Victorian fin de siècle – a period of impressionism, naturalism, symbolism, feminism, and aestheticism, then the contributors to the oscholars will be sure to please.


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