Victorian Prose Online

Are you teaching a course and find that your students are annoyed with the cost of their anthology? Are you a student who cannot afford hundreds of dollars per term for your text books? Well, you’ve come to the right  place! Look to the links on the right of the screen and scroll down to Victorian and Edwardian Literature Online. I have provided links to many of the non-fiction prose texts that are typically assigned in a course on Victorian Literature and Culture.

The list includes:

Thomas Carlyle’s Past and Present

Cardinal Newman’s The Idea of a University

George Eliot’s Essays

Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (all the editions, not matter which one you want to assign!)

Matthew Arnold’s Culture and Anarchy

Walter Pater’s Renaissance

Oscar Wilde’s Intentions

Vernon Lee’s Renaissance Fancies

So relax. Stop fighting your way through all the various anthologies that never have everything you want. Copy my links and assign the chapters of your choice. Put these links on your syllabus so that it becomes an e-textbook of sorts for your students. Combine this with the links I’ve had up here to poetry resources like Representative Poetry Online and the only books you need to order are nice Broadview, Valancourt, or maybe Oxford World’s Classics to cover the big novels you want to include.

Have I missed a good prose text? Well go to some of the websites that I use like or and find what you want to assign.

Happy reading!


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