Vicky and Eddie – 100 Views!

A Royal THANK YOU for 100 views!


I am posting today to celebrate my first one hundred views! A small goal has been reached. Thank you for your visits. I hope that visitors find the links to both important and wonderfully frivolous internet resources on the Victorians and Edwardians to be both useful (a good Victorianist must always be “of use”), and enjoyable. I am having a wonderful time slowly building this site and will continue to contribute to its value as time goes on.

One goal I want to meet is about comments. No one has made a comment yet. Please be the first and say hello. It would be nice to hear from viewers. Maybe you have a blog or website you want me to link to? Maybe you have some constructive criticism? Maybe you just want to say hi. In any event, your comments are welcome.

It has been so nice to watch my stats. I’ve had visitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Spain, and Russia. I hope to fill out the entire map one day. As I state in my “About” page – I want this to be a place where we can share what we discover and learn together. So much of academics is about competition so I understand people don’t want to share something that may place them at a competitive disadvantage. I don’t want that either; so instead, share your playful escapes with me.

In any event my next goal is 500 views and the beginning of comments. Help me reach my goal. If you know of anyone who may be interested in Victorians and Edwardians – send them my way.

Thanks again for helping me reach my goal. I hope to share many more goals as my work on the Victorians and Edwardians grows in the years to come.



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