The Oscholars

The Oscholars was the first online academic community I joined. I sent an email to the administrators and then, I was in! Oscholars is a solid online community of scholarly journals, an active listserv, and a source for community updates – especially information pertaining to the fin de siècle.

The website features journals dedicated to Oscar Wilde (hence the “O” in Oscholars), Michael Field (aka Edith Cooper and Katherine Bradley), John Ruskin, fin-de-siècle and Edwardian theatre (UPSTAGE), Vernon Lee, and other New Woman and Aesthete artists and writers. In addition, there are calls for papers for various related conferences, monographs, and journals.

The listserv, however, is my favourite feature. Follow the conversation threads to find out what other people are researching. Follow people who seek original editions or participate and for questions you many have the answers, share your own knowledge. Ask your own questions to the members. Everyone on the listserv is helpful in his or her advice. We are fortunate to share a strong community of scholars who help one another in the attempt to strengthen our field. As I said in my “About” section of this site, scholarship is a joint effort – no one is in a bubble. We need to share each other’s journeys with each other if with want to thrive independently as scholars.

Rivendale Press – an excellent little English publisher of scholarship in late-nineteenth century scholarship, operates the site.

When looking for the link to Oscholars to the right of the screen, be sure to scan the other links listed to see what else is out there that may be of help to you and your passions.

That is all for now. Keep on loving the Victorians and Edwardians and thank you for your visit!


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