The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Prose, 1832-1901


I’ve lamented my frustrations with Anthologies before on this blog. They are too big, too expensive, and they ruin the reading experience for students. The one exception I have to this rule is with non-fiction prose. Undergraduates don’t need to read all of Past and Present, Culture and Anarchy, and Sexual Inversion. It would be nice if they did, but it isn’t realistic when so few students read anything longer than a blog post.

Well, if you like the Representative Poetry Online link I’ve posted, here is an option for your prose. The link I’ve posted is to the page on the publisher’s website with a full table of contents. A wonderful selection of selections from the Aesthetes, the Condition of England question, gender and sexuality, eduation, everything you’d want in the classroom. Everything grad students will want when they need to get an overview of thought from the era.

I love Broadview books. Not going to lie about it. I wanted to share this because it is a new release – unfortunately too late for most fall courses but something to consider for next time.





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