Classroom Poetry Online?

Representative Poetry Online

Am I the only one who has a conflicted relationship to anthologies? Well, Anthologies drive me insane. You think you find a good one and then they are missing one poem you really wanted to be included. Why is In Memoriam A. H. H. only available as selections? Why doesn’t the Broadview have Manfred? Why no Amy Levy Norton?  I remember from my undergraduate days hating the anthology we used: see-through pages, heavy in your back-pack, easy to damage, and ugly! Well, considering the information age at our fingertips I found something of an alternative. Why not build an e-anthology out of your syllabus? Provide links to the various online resources we want students to access right in their reading lists?

I think the link I’ve provided may help. Representative Poetry Online is a site run by the Libraries of the Univerity of Toronto in Canada. It cover a wide range of literature, but the link I’ve provided is to my favorite Victorian poem. You can sort the poetry by period (“Victorian”) and  your given a list of poets in hyperlink. The link brings you to a list of their poems online. Some have author bios and they have varying levels of citations and footnotes (available by hovering over a highlighted word or phrase. While this site may not have every work you want – novels, drama, and non-fiction essays have other interesting online homes.

If you have been to the site. Send me a comment and tell me what you think of it. Perhaps you hate internet texts? That would be my other side.


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