Welcome to Victorian and Edwardian!

Welcome to victorianandedwardian! This is a place where I will share my journey as I study Victorian and Edwardian literature and culture. I live to learn and I want to share my love of learning with others. I envision this as a place where I can share online resources I’ve discovered, new books and editions of old books, film adaptations, and others experiences that I have related to my study of the Victorians and Edwardians.

Victorianandedwardian.wordpress.com will be a place to link to other great sites of interest to both scholars who want to share links to important journals, conference information, new editions (both in print and online), and useful sites that have help us in our various projects.

This is also a place to share my nerd-love for film and television adaptations, Neo-Victorian and steampunk literature and culture, and the repetition of Victorian ideology in the contemporary world.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you. I don’t want to talk at you; instead, I want to talk with you. Tell me about your favourite books, favourite resources, favourite BBC miniseries. If you have a related blog or website, tell me about it and maybe we can link each other. This is a non-profit blog. I have no sponsors and any ads you see profit only wordpress. If I’m promoting a business (ex. a publisher), it is because I really like their books. That’s it. So share with me. Perhaps this can become a resource for more of us. If nothing else, this page will make my life a little easier. I hope that it will be of some use to you.


I will be working on adding links and information in the next few months. Be patient with me. I have never done this before so be gentle and constructive in your criticism. Like I said – I’m learning and it’s a life long process.


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